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VBscript Built-in Functions

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Gives an expression that has been converted to a Variant of subtype String


The expression argument is any valid expression. In general, you can document your code using the data type conversion functions to show that the result of some operation should be expressed as a particular data type rather than the default data type. For example, use CStr to force the result to be expressed as a String. You should use the CStr function instead of Str to provide internationally-aware conversions from any other data type to a String subtype. For example, different decimal separators are properly recognized depending on the locale setting of your system. The data in expression determines what is returned according to the following table:

If expression is CStr returns
Boolean A String containing True or False.
Date A String containing a date in the short-date format of your system.
Null A run-time error.
Empty A zero-length String ("").
Error A String containing the word Error followed by the error number.
Other numeric A String containing the number.

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