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VBscript Built-in Functions

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Gives the largest available subscript for the specified dimension of an array

UBound(arrayname[, dimension])

The UBound function syntax has these parts:


Part Description
arrayname Required. Name of the array variable; follows standard variable naming conventions.
dimension Optional. Whole number indicating which dimension's upper bound is returned. Use 1 for the first dimension, 2 for the second, and so on. If dimension is omitted, 1 is assumed.
The UBound function is used with the LBound function to determine the size of an array. Use the LBound function to find the lower limit of an array dimension.

The default lower bound for any dimension is always 0. As a result, UBound returns the following values for an array with these dimensions:


Dim A(100,3,4)


Statement Return Value
UBound(A, 1) 99
UBound(A, 2) 2
UBound(A, 3) 3

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