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VBscript Built-in Functions

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Gives a value specifying the subtype of a variable


The varname argument can be any variable.
The VarType function returns the following values:


Constant Value Description
vbEmpty    0 Empty (uninitialized)
vbNull    1 Null (no valid data)
vbInteger    2 Integer
vbLong    3 Long integer
vbSingle    4 Single-precision floating-point number
vbDouble    5 Double-precision floating-point number
vbCurrency    6 Currency
vbDate    7 Date
vbString    8 String
vbObject    9 Automation object
vbError   10 Error
vbBoolean   11 Boolean
vbVariant   12 Variant (used only with arrays of Variants)
vbDataObject   13 A data-access object
vbByte   17 Byte
vbArray 8192 Array


Note  These constants are specified by VBScript. As a result, the names can be used anywhere in your code in place of the actual values.

The VarType function never returns the value for Array by itself. It is always added to some other value to indicate an array of a particular type. The value for Variant is only returned when it has been added to the value for Array to indicate that the argument to the VarType function is an array. For example, the value returned for an array of integers is calculated as 2 + 8192, or 8194. If an object has a default property, VarType (object) returns the type of its default property.

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