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Microsoft previews Web services pack (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Microsoft reports it has had approximately 15,000 downloads of an early version of its WSE (Web Services Enhancements) 3.0 package, which features turnkey security profiles and interoperability with the company’s upcoming Indigo Web services deployment technology.

Microsoft Sues Retailers over Counterfeit Software (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) has filed lawsuits against five companies that allegedly distributed counterfeit software.

Microsoft sues 4 retailers over pirated software (Reuters)
Reuters - Microsoft Corp. has sued four online retailers in California and Virginia for selling pirated software, the world's largest software maker said on Wednesday.

Microsoft sues U.S. stores over pirated software (Reuters)
Reuters - Microsoft Corp. sued four small software retailers in California and Virginia on Wednesday for selling pirated software.

Microsoft Sues Four Companies In Counterfeit Software Sales (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Microsoft has filed four lawsuits against companies in California and Virginia for allegedly distributing counterfeit or illicit software.

Researchers Stymied By Microsoft Vulnerability (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Computer security researchers are still perplexed by one of the vulnerabilities patched this week by Microsoft.

Microsoft Patches 10 Vulnerabilities (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) has released patches for 10 vulnerabilities in its monthly security round, known as "Patch Tuesday."

Microsoft Tool Squashes Mytob, Kelvir Worms (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Microsoft updates its Windows Malicious Software Tool as part of the monthly security bulletin roll-out.

Watchdog group 'disgusted' at Microsoft cooperation with China censors (AFP)
AFP - Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders said it was "disgusted" with US software giant Microsoft for working with China to censor politically sensitive content on the Internet.

Microsoft Shares More Clues About Longhorn Server (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - Longhorn Server Beta 1 looks likely to hit by August. And Microsoft is considering a future home version of its Windows Server product, too.

Review: Phone-Based Time Clock Works (AP)
AP - Many new cell phones come so tricked out with extra features that devising reasons to use them all can be quite a chore. So it was a pleasant surprise to encounter a simple new tool for Verizon Wireless phones called Timecard that actually enhances — rather than saps — productivity.

Copyright-Worried Photo Labs Spurn Jobs (AP)
AP - Charlie Morgan says that if it weren't for digital photography, he wouldn't have a bustling business that specializes in publicity shots for musicians. That's because Morgan — perhaps being a bit modest — says he's not a very good photographer. He relies on Photoshop editing software to make his work look sharp.

Paying Meters With Cell Phones Tested (AP)
AP - Drivers lacking coins now may use cell phones to feed parking meters in Coral Gables, purportedly the first city in the country to offer such a service.

Britain Warns of E-Mail Hacker Attacks (AP)
AP - A well-organized group of hackers has engaged in an "industrial scale" attack designed to cull commercially and economically valuable data from vital computer networks across Britain, the government warned Thursday.

BT Unveils Mobile Phone-Landline Handset (AP)
AP - BT Group PLC unveiled its attempt to bridge the landline and wireless divide Wednesday, launching a service that operates as a cell phone connection outside and automatically switches to an Internet-based call once a user enters the home or office.

Netline Internet Service Transfers IP To Openexchange (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Netline Internet Service announces that it is transferring its intellectual property.

Sony's PlayStation Portable to get first pornos (AFP)
AFP - The PlayStation Portable (PSP), the hand-held version of Sony's popular home game machine, will soon be opened up to a new and potentially lucrative market -- porn.

Google Zeros In On Mobile Web (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Google starts testing a mobile-phone service that searches websites that have been designed to deliver content customized for the small screens of cellular phones.

Top Open-Source Security Applications (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Those responsible for enterprise security are increasingly turning to open-source applications in lieu of security products based on proprietary code -- and for many good reasons.

Adobe Earnings Jump 37 Percent (AP)
AP - Adobe Systems Inc. said Thursday that its second-quarter profits rose 37 percent as the maker of Acrobat and Photoshop reported strong sales of its most popular software.

Netline Internet Service Transfers IP To Openexchange (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Netline Internet Service announces that it is transferring its intellectual property.

One-fifth of Web users prefer online news - Nielsen (Reuters)
Reuters - Nearly one-fifth of Web users who read newspapers now prefer online to offline editions, according to a new study from Internet audience measurement company Nielsen//NetRatings.

EBay Partners With Chinese B2B Company (TechWeb)
TechWeb - EBay has partnered with Global Sources Ltd. in building a new service for manufacturers in China to sell their products.

Fee-Based Content Available From Yahoo Search (PC World)
PC World - Yahoo Search Subscriptions service indexes sites like The Wall Street Journal Online.

Google Zeros In On Mobile Web (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Google starts testing a mobile-phone service that searches websites that have been designed to deliver content customized for the small screens of cellular phones.

Yahoo Launches Search For Subscription Content (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Yahoo starts testing a service that lets people search for information on sites in which they pay for access to the content.

AOL Tops DoS Zombie List (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - In its Zombie Report released this week, Prolexic Technologies, a provider of denial-of-service mitigation technologies, pegged America Online as the network hosting the most zombie machines used for launching DoS attacks.

Intermix Settlement Scratches Surface of Spyware Problem (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - The settlement between Internet marketer Intermix and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office appears to be a significant victory as a matter of law. But advances in spyware technology could take the battle to a level beyond possible regulation.

Intel ties up with S.Korea's KT on mobile Internet (Reuters)
Reuters - U.S. giant Intel Corp. has teamed up with KT Corp. to help the South Korean firm set up high-speed mobile Internet services in its home market, which currently boasts the highest broadband penetration rate in the world.

In-Flight Broadband Flies Globally, But Stalls In U.S. (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Boeing expects to start selling cellular phone services to airline passengers next year, but many U.S. airlines and passengers oppose the use of cell phones on commercial flights.

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